Leaves, they blow in the wind in the sun
It seems they’ve got no place to go
Faded and forgotten in the whirls of time
They howl in the night crying high and low

Everyday I see people falling in love
They give their heart just to take it back
Like the leaves in autumn, their love fades away
And they never know about the feelings they lack

Oh yes, they’ll sing those sweet melodies
Saying, “I love you” in the lemon scented rain
And even when their heart’s been torn all apart
They keep trying just to stumble in vein

I’ve been around, Lord, I’ve seen it all
They’ll just take your heart and go
But, true love is still true love
Even in their hearts if they’ll never know

Like the leaves, my heart, it howls each night
While I stand still with a tear in my eye
Singing to the star of my lost love
And so I’ll sing till the day I die.

Gautam Dhar
14 November 2005
Lansing MI

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