Once I was a brother, once I was a son
Once I had a dream of girl who’d be the one
Living by the dirt road, life was such a thrill
I sure miss those times I know I always will

Growing up was easy time just flew on by
Folks in my hometown never let me cry
But I knew someday, I’d be on my way
To a place where, yeah, dreams forever stay

I’ve been on the road, spent some nights in rain
Shared a laugh or two, had my fill of pain
Lost in love but I, never did ask why
They played with my heart ‘fore they said goodbye

Back in ‘99 I left my home town
But I never knew time will bring me down
Rainbow of my dreams, who knows where’s it gone
Leaving on my lips, oh that same old song

Heavens know I tried, though she’ll never know
How I loved her so, since her first hello
Now it seems so clear why we fell apart
I just didn’t hear calling of my heart

If you ever love, hope you’d say it all
Say, “I’ll always be there, if you ever fall”
I know, I have been there – watched her go away
I still wonder why, why I didn’t say
Wish if I could once tell her ‘fore I die
How my love was true – like the summer sky.

Gautam Dhar
18 November 2005
Lansing MI

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  • raju 20 June, 2014 at 3:42 am

    Life is a mystery and there is no answer of “why”.Just we have to move on where it takes us …om

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