You and You Alone (Himalayas)

Tried to revive this lost song that I’d written as a Wedding Anniversary song for my brother and sister-in-law 7 yrs ago and had not sung it since then. Acoustic rendition I recorded in Sitla village (Uttarakhand) few days ago. Thanks to Brandon for composing and Justin for collaborating.


So many years have passed since I held you close to me
So many days have passed Still there’s none like thee

We’ve come far since we met Still you said you’ll stay
Forever and ever till the end Till the stars all fade away

Though it’s been so long Darling, this I know
When my eyes can see no more
You’d be there to show

The light in your eyes When the shadows fall
And so I sing for you You and you alone

The beat of my heart my everything
Yes, I swear I’ll stay
By your side till the end of time
Till the stars all fade away
You and you alone

There were times
When we grew apart
Guess we were too young
Except inside our hearts
Deep inside Dear, I knew it all
I’d be there for you, should you ever fall
You are still the one
You and you alone.

Written: Gautam Dhar, 7th March 2006, Lansing, MI (US)
Composed by: Brandon Bautista

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