You and You Alone (Himalayas)

Jul 28 2013

Tried to revive this lost song that I’d written as a Wedding Anniversary song for my brother and sister-in-law 7 yrs ago and had not sung it since then. Acoustic rendition I recorded in Sitla village (Uttarakhand) few days ago. Thanks to Brandon for composing and Justin for collaborating. Words: So many years have passed since I held you close to me So many...

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Crossroads in My Life

Dec 28 2009

Started writing this on the midnight of 11th December and recorded a sketch version the next morning. Just a folk poem with a simple melody. Still working out the chinks in the music. Hope you mates enjoy it! Words: Now I’ve come to the cross-roads In my life and I will say I still dream of tomorrow When the stars will show the way Yes I say Now we stand here...

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Days of Sorrow

Jul 23 2009

As I while away my time in India on vacation, I would like to share an old ballad I wrote a few years ago, which I chanced upon as I was turning pages of my book on my Father’s book rack. I am also thinking about composing it. Wishing you all peace and serenity!! Today and tomorrow, I’ll live with my sorrow Light of my life now seems like it’s...

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The Final Hour

May 24 2009

I was going through my old writing pads and found this that I had written in December 2005, towards the end of yet another Michigan Winter. I’d like to share this with you all along with a short melody I recorded this afternoon. I don’t know yet whether I will take it forward or keep ir where it is. I have no name for it yet. I reckon I’ll just...

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The Singing River

Apr 05 2008

I shot this little video at Charleston Park, which is right beside Google’s Main Campus at Mountain View, California. After doing my laundry this morning, this was the first when I actually went to check out the park. I thought of tying the video up with a poem I wrote couple years ago. Enjoy! There’s an old singing river that flows by my door Each...

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A Lonely Shadow

Mar 21 2008

I wrote this back in August of 2003 and strangely quite a few people liked it back then. I just found it today hiding beneath my stack of sheets. So I thought I would put it up here.  The photo is of Kalatop Rest House at Khajjiar, Himachal. Peace~ Stopping by the house on my way at night I saw a lonely shadow with her arms open wide On a night so warm when winds...

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