Remember the Old Road

Ruskin Bond and I

I purchased a book of poems and verses by Ruskin Bond last Summer while I was in India. The book is called Ruskin Bond’s Book of Verse. Here is a poem out of the book. It instantly reminded me of my old Himalayan roots. It almost feels like there is So much to do, so little is done…Another hill to climb, another road to run…Enjoy the poem!

Remember the Old Road

Remember the old road
The steep stony path
That took us up from Rajpur
Toiling and sweating
And grumbling at the climb
But enjoying it all the same.

At first the hills were hot and bare
But then there were trees near Jharipani
And we stopped at the Halfway House
And swallowed lungfuls of diamond-cut air
Then onwards, upwards, to thw town
Our appetites to repair!

Well, no one uses the old road anymore
Walking is out of fashion now
And if you have a car to take you
Swiftly up the motor road
Why bother to toil up ad disused path?

You’d have to be an old romantic like me
To want to take that route again.

But I did it last year
Pausing and plodding and gasping for air
Both road and I being a little worse for wear!
But I made it to the top and stopped to rest
And looked down to the valley and the silver stream
Winding its way down the plains.

And the land stetched out before me, and the years fell away
And I was a boy again
And the friends of my youth were there beside me
And nothing had changed.

From Ruskin Bond’s Book of Verse

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  • T A RAMESH 18 February, 2008 at 2:11 am

    Recollecting the past is possible in the places of great interest, especially they happen to be the hill stations of misty atmosphere that regenerates mystic mood! We are then transported to the past romantic state of joyful mood called the bliss for which how much we long for in life and never miss a chance if the opportune moments come in between our travels and turmoils in the world of unfinished business! That is where this kind of poetry stands as the crown of literature which is not within the reach of many a person of ardent seekers of bliss in this materialistic world!

  • Deeksha 9 April, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    I am an ardent Ruskin fan .and Ruskin’s Book of verse and “A little night music” are two of my most favorite books.
    I came across your blogpost on meeting with Ruskin a long time ago through a friend and cherished the pics of Ruskin.
    I am just back from Mussorie and I missed meeting the Ruskin.To combat the lows , I revisited your blog :)…its like a space where I can meet Ruskin..

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