Mirza Ghalib’s 225th Birth Anniversary

क्या फ़र्ज़ है कि सबको मिले एक सा जवाब
आओ ना हम भी सैर करें कोह ए तूर की
With this couplet, I am remembering Mirza Ghalib on yet another birth anniversary. Thanks to Varuna for introducing this new couplet to me. While I’m away from my Guitar this year, here’s a rendition I had recorded a while back. My love with Mirza Ghalib goes back to 2004 when I was a student and used to carry Mirza Ghalib’s Love Sonnets in my backpack everywhere I went. People even used to call it my Bible!
I vividly remember my first visit to Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli in Old Delhi in 2005, which was in a dilapidated condition back then. When I visited it last time, I was pleased to see that a small museum has come up within the Haveli and the condition is much better. If you’re a lover of Urdu Poetry, do visit! Enjoy my rendition of Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi I had recorded a while ago.
I would like to pay my tribute to Mirza Ghalib with these lines I wrote..
बहुत मुद्दत के बाद लौट कर वो आई है .शहर ए देहली जहां ग़ालिब भी कभी रहते थे
और बैठी रही गुमसुम वो सहर होने तक ..कोई साया नहीं दीवार ओ मुक़द्दर भी नहीं
तमाम रात परिंदे भी कहीं रोते रहे ..ज़िन्दगी आब नहीं ज़िन्दगी ज़हर भी नहीं
दूर तक गूंजते हैं सन्नाटे ..वो खड़ी सोचती है रात ये किधर काटे (-Zafar)

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