Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in Time

The curtain came down when the play was done
I found her alone beneath the summer sun
As I sat back by the shade of an oak
I knew inside that she was the one

And I held her close to my heart so deep
Till the stars up above all sang their rhyme
In the winds I heard an old willow weep
Like the tune I found, oh somewhere in time

Then the sun went down in the late summer skies
And my world turned slow in her eyes so blue
But I couldn’t bear my heart’s lone cries
Just to lose my dream that I once knew

But I held her close till my eyes turned cold
Oh till the winds played a long lost rhyme
Lord, how the song touched my life and soul
Like the one I heard, oh somewhere in time

Then her smile was gone ‘fore those words were said
And I stood by like a cloud in the sky
Why I couldn’t bear when the lines were read
Just to see my dream so high and dry

Now the stage is bare and the day is dawned
And I’ll be alone while the world moves on
But the love that I knew, oh somewhere in time
It won’t ever end till I’m long gone.

Gautam Dhar
30th March 2004
Lansing, MI

I wrote this after watching the movie, Somewhere In Time.

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  • raju 30 January, 2014 at 8:24 am

    Hi Gautam,
    I think Lansing gave you great chance to bloom your red roses….All poems has great deep feeling words…waiting for some more great words….om

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