Lost in Love

He sits all alone from night till dawn
With his worn out clothes and same old song
And you’ll find him there when the night’s long gone
Still lost in her love with no place to belong

So I asked him tonight why he is so alone
With eyes so lost and as dry as a stone
Said, “so many things I wish I could say
But the world won’t stop when I’m gone away”

The cold winds tonight bring his face to my mind
With his soul still lost in a love that was blind
But his heart still longs what he’ll never find
He is just an old man that the world left behind

So I asked him again of a time that he knew
When days were bright and nights were too
Said, “so many worlds I wish I could see
But there’s just no place I’d rather be”

Now he sits all alone each night and day
Still yearning for a love that’s gone away
And you’ll see him crying on a day so gray
Lost in her love since she went away.

Gautam Dhar
24th November 2003
Lansing, MI

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  • raju 3 July, 2014 at 4:49 am

    Great poem with deep inner thoughts….om

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