That’s How It’s Been

Drapes in my room cast a shadow so deep
Like the clouds so gray high up in the sky
Like the way at night she used to weep
When I’d say, ‘Love, it’s time to say goodbye’

Then she’d stand still with tears in her eyes
As sad as an oak when the lone bird flies
But I’ve never known why she let it go
And now that she’s gone, Lord, I’ll never know

So that’s how it’s been and forever shall be
The story of my life, what she couldn’t see

Tomorrow I’d walk down the street I knew
Where she once lived ‘fore our love was through
But it’s such a long long way to the past
And I’ve never known why time didn’t last

So that’s how it’s been and forever shall be
This tale that you hear till life sets me free

Now back in my room, it’s me and my songs
Just lost in a world where stars don’t shine
And she is, I know, just where she belongs
But one thing I know, she’ll forever be mine.

Gautam Dhar
July 3, 2004
Lansing MI

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