Coming to Stay


Nikhil and I got together again this weekend and worked on some songs. We tried our hand at composing a few and ended up recording about 8 songs.

Here is a song that I had written back in August 2004. Nikhil came up with an upbeat melody in about 15 mins. and we decided to record it. Hope you mates enjoy it! Nikhil strummed his classical guitar and I sang the song.
I will be posting the other songs soon.


Click here for the MP3 if you have issues with the player.


It’s been such a long long time
Lord, when I was in my hometown
And chasing all my troubles away
I can’t wait to be homeward bound

Just call my name and you’ll see
How I long to kiss your fears away
And my Love, I promise you this
This time I’m coming to stay

I remember when mama said, ‘son
Don’t ever break a heart in two’
And praying that you’ll understand
I’ve always been in love with you

So just call my name and you’ll know
I don’t care what the world may say
And my Love, I promise you this
This time I’m coming to stay

Now singing my way back home
This world still feels the same
And I’d be in your arms tonight
If only you’d call my name

Won’t you call my name tonight
And you’ll know how I miss you today
But, my love, I promise you this
This time I’m coming to stay.

Written by: Gautam Dhar, August 10, 2004
Original Music & Classical Guitar: Nikhil G.
Vocals: Gautam Dhar

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  • Nikhil 23 January, 2007 at 12:10 am

    This is a great song .. Awesome words and great composition … Good work buddy

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  • Raju 23 February, 2015 at 2:22 am

    Just great ….

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