The Wonder Years

I was watching the final episode of “The Wonder Years” tonight, which, for a few moments, took me back home to the streets I grew up on. Reminded me of my own Winnie Cooper, Roopal Sharma I knew when I was in first grade and hadn’t thought of in a long long time. She lived right behind us in a big rental house at Rohtak.
May be some day I’ll get to relive those moments. For now, I’ll just hum to this ode I wrote to my childhood, the house I lived in until I was about 8 (which was later demolished to accommodate a new building), and to all chums that were separated long ago.

The Wonder Years

There once was a house, yes I still remember
Back in the days when I was a child
If I had a wish, I’d wish for the time
When I’d come home dreaming dreams so wild

Though it’s now come to a memory or two
I often think of the moments left behind
Playing in the sun, lying in the sand
Long summer nights and stars that were mine

They say growing up is more like a tale
You crawl till you cry ‘fore it all fades away
I look back with a glint in my eye
And wonder where the wonder years went away

Now I’m far away from the boy that I was
Who’d play till the evening shades turned to night
Sometimes I think I’m still just a child
Riding on dreams in the pale moonlight

And even after all the places I’ve seen
I never can forget that house that I knew
It seems I can feel the sounds and the smells
I wonder where those years just flew

Plays of my childhood still whisper in my heart
I’ve had my fill of laughter and tears
Sometimes I stop and stare at the stars
Wishing all the while for those wonder years.

Gautam Dhar
15 January 2006

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  • Brandon 9 October, 2006 at 1:10 pm

    The Wonder Years is a timeless classic.

  • » My 3 Spots 6 February, 2007 at 10:26 am

    […] Rusty hooked me up with the entire collection of Wonder Years episodes, a seven DVD set. I’m already on season two (season one was only 6 episodes). Man, I love this show. I never realized how much Kevin yelled at people. Other than that, Kevin is exactly what I was growing up. Shorter than everyone else, chubby cheeks, poofy black hair… a middle-aged man narrating my every move. This show is as good as it gets. Thanks Rusty… I owe you. […]

  • […] Dinner series, here is a song that I learned and recorded few days ago. I know it from the TV show, The Wonder Years. This is the Joe Cocker’s version I think. It’s hard to match the persona of the Piano […]

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