My Dream

Down by the rocks, down by the shore
Way over yonder there’s an open door
Life there is free like the wide-open sky
And I’ll never know where the time’s gone by

I still remember when I left home
With an old fiddle and the songs I owned
But the world didn’t care and I couldn’t bear
So far from my home, I ended up alone

But I carried on, for I knew someday
I’ll go places, I’ll find my way
That was my dream to write for my love
My songs said it all what I couldn’t say

Oh I’ve been up, Yes, I’ve been down
Today I long to be homeward bound
To be in her arms, to hold her close
To spend my life in my home town

Lord, it’s been such a long long time
When I went away without a reason or rhyme
Never had a friend nor a place of my own
So far from my world and all that was mine

But I carried on like a never-ending tide
Traveling all alone with no place to hide
My dream was to live and die just for her
Days and nights with her by my side

I’ve seen sunshine; oh I’ve seen rain
Known my lady’s loving, cried in pain
And if I ever find my way back home
I know my love will bloom once again

Now I’m sixty-four, the dreams linger on
Guess she realized right from the dawn
But I still yearn to see those walls
Walls of my home before it’s too long

I’ll never stop; my dream’s still the song
The one that’ll say, “Love, I was wrong
To let our worlds drift so far apart
How can I make you come along?
Please come back ‘fore I’m dead and gone.”

Gautam Dhar
7th June 2005
Rohtak, India

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