When I Was Fourteen

Many years ago when I was fourteen
I fell in love with a sweet seventeen
And yes, I knew she’d be the one
The light of my life that I’d never seen

The way our love was, seems just like a tale
Where the waves, they soar, while lovers sail
On the ship of dreams when the night is young
Where the night bird sings while the moon is pale

Then I went away and we drifted apart
Guess I knew it all right from the start
Still I love her oh yes, I do
Lord, she’ll always stay in my heart

This is her song; it’s all I can give
Until the very day this heart will live

Back in the days oh I didn’t know
These songs I write, they won’t ever show
How she controlled every beat of my heart
Now that she’s gone, guess I’ll never know

Here I sit alone when she’s far away
She’s found a new love, new sun in her day
But how I long just to see her again
To say those things that I couldn’t say

So this is her song, it’s all I can do
I hope she remembers I’ve always been true

Now it seems like an age when I was fourteen
When I saw a face like I’d never seen
The story will live, it won’t ever die
How I fell in love with a sweet seventeen.

Gautam Dhar
30 May 2005
Rohtak, India

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