The Old Maple

Where the long river flows
Where mountains reach the sky
Where the old maple grows
Where eagles fly high
I dream of such a place
Where there’s none but You and I
A place for us to live
A place for us to die

By the orchard in the cottage
I’d lay me in your arms
While the winds whisper softly
Getting lost in your charms
While the seasons pass on by
Together, we would stay
Chasing our own dreams
We will find our way

I wish to see you, Dear
Oh, smiling all the while
So come and take my hand
And we’ll walk the lovers’ mile
In the hills of Himalayas
I’ve seen a paradise
Like the light of happiness
I’ve seen in your eyes

While the snow softly falls
‘Cross the panes of my heart
Your love will keep me warm
Knowing we would never part

There’s a place that I know
In the valley of green
I swear to you my love
There’s a place you’ve never seen

Where dreams do come true
Where memories never die
Where I long to be with you
Where there’s none but You and I.

Gautam Dhar
29 November 2005
Lansing MI

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  • raju 27 September, 2014 at 9:24 am

    Just Awesome…..

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