The Good Old Days

Everyone knows that change is a must. It’s about the only thing one can count on. Changes may be good or bad, but it’s not something that we can bargain with. Of course unless you take a permanent leave from the Human Race and live away from the so-called civilized world.
But I have a dream. A longing to see the old times again. I reckon everyone feels that way one time or the other. And it’s something I was thinking about. Meanwhile, here’s a free-verse leaf from my Journal.

They’ve all gone away leaving just an empty trail
Now the whole town wails on moonless nights
While the north wind sails through the restless shores
An old memory conjures up yet again

There’s a path that leads to an old stone-house
Where pearls of laughter still echo from the past
Some leaves that remind of a spring long gone
Lying on the ground so cold and barren

Though the air still holds promise of the rain
Heaven only knows where the clouds are gone
Seasons have passed while the town’s stood tall
Weeping in the quiet of withering nights

I never knew I’d come this far
Just to see every wall crumbling away
Perhaps be a day when serenity calls
When the skies will sing to the nightingale’s tune

This, I know, in my heart and soul
The good old days are sure to return
Birds and the bees, flowers and the trees
I sing just for thee and an old memory

The words are true, for the wise have said
People come and go, but the mountains remain.-

Gautam Dhar
6th February 2006

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  • neha 7 March, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    there was a poem in hindi book and its line is similar to your last line-

    rahi mar lekin rah amar!

    and even I know deep within that we are there near the start….
    good old days!

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