My Hills

I’ve always loved the quite of the mountains
Chill of the winds, the music of the fountains
Oh the changing seasons thrill my heart so
Just like her love that I knew long ago

Was only seventeen when I came here
A place by the stream, a place so dear
Though I’ve traveled far, I’ll live and die
Here where the birds soar high as the sky

Oh hills my hills, I sing this for you
Worlds have crumbled, but you’ve stood anew
Here by your side, I’ve never been alone
Even when I know she’s found a new home

I’ve stumbled in snow, been stuck in the rain
Laughed with the forest, had my fill of pain
“You grow with the mountains, they say, you never age
So don’t you ever cry, all life is just a stage”

Hills, softly whisper to her, this old song
“This is where; my love, you and I belong”
Far where she lives by the wide open sea
Down by the shore so wild and free

But I’ll still be here no matter where she goes
I’ll keep on writing till my hands go froze
The scent of her sigh, it still keeps me warm
Here when the hills stir up a storm

My home’s in these hills where I’ll forever lie
And the song will live forever, it won’t ever die.

Gautam Dhar
21 November 2005
Lansing MI

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  • raju 7 August, 2014 at 7:01 am

    Beautiful song…..

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