The Wolf Wailed On

Snow on the ground and gray everywhere
The wolf stood still by the ragged old lair
Waiting for a call he knew, would come
So he kept staring at the sky with a prayer

As sun went down in the wide old west
The pink twilight kissed the sky so blue
Oh the quiet of the eve cast a shadow of rest
When winds played out their song so true

Then the wolf wailed on with all his might
Till stars turned blue in pale moonlight

As night moved on with the webs of snow
An old bird sang by the shade of a tree
Oh how the song set the forest aglow
When life seemed high and wild and free

Then the wolf wailed on in hush of the night
Lord, till the skies looked down from their height

But he knew well, someday he will find
Days and nights that he’d left behind
Then looking at the sky, the wolf wailed on
Standing by the lonesome shade of a pine.

Gautam Dhar
July 15, 2004
Lansing MI 

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