I Don’t Know Why

There’s a lonely shore that longs for water
Like an old man who has lost a daughter
And a captive bird too old to fly
When the cage is open and sky’s hung high

There’s an old house on a hill faraway
By the river that runs in an old forgotten town
“I’ll love you still” was all he could say
The day she left him with a lost love’s sound

There was a time that he’d once known
But it passed and left him alone
And all her kisses that he once stole
Would never fade away if he’d ever known

It seems long when those words were said
The day she left him with his tears to shed
And dreams he knew are now long gone
Like a wilted rose when the day is dawn

Now the evening is low and moon’s riding high
There’s a lonely tear that falls from the sky
And as I sing this song with a sigh
I don’t know what and I’ll never know why
But there’s a part of it that just makes me cry.

Gautam Dhar
16th October, 2002
Lansing MI

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  • raju 28 January, 2014 at 10:57 am

    Wow….you left readers wondering with your high thinking around twelve years ago. …great work…..om

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