Friends Forever

“Friends forever,” she said. “Friends forever,” he said. Eight years old and they made the vow to remain friends forever. “I need some room,” she said. “I’ll back away,” he said. Ten years old and they made the vow to give each other space. “Does Tommy like me?” she asked. “I’ll find out,” he said….


I do not know who the Poet is, but here’s a Sher (Couplet): Marne ke baad bhi meri aankhen khuli rahi Aadat jo pad gayi thi tere intezaar ki. “And so my eyes remained open afterwards For they waited for you in life, and after death” -Anonymous

The Princess Bride

Thanks to Brandon, tonight I watched a good movie, Princess Bride. I didn’t fall in love with it, but I guess a writer like me can use any reason he can get his hands on. For those of you I know are reading, something little for you out of my unpublished stack of old sheets….

Aaghaaz e Bazm

I am test floating this blog to ascertain the sanity in doing so. If you’re not familiar with “Ghazals” (which you probably won’t be unless you speak Urdu or Hindi), things may be Greek for you here. Here is a sher (verse) to end this posting… Mere qalam pe zamaane ki gard aisi thi Ke…