I do not know who the Poet is, but here’s a Sher (Couplet):

Marne ke baad bhi meri aankhen khuli rahi
Aadat jo pad gayi thi tere intezaar ki.

“And so my eyes remained open afterwards
For they waited for you in life, and after death”

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  • arun bajaj 13 March, 2009 at 4:44 am

    After reading this couplet i am reminded of one poem which i read long ago. It was written by Suryabhanu Gupta and i want to share it from all of you… goes as under….

    dilwaale phirte hain dar-dar, sar pe apni khaat liye

    jaise dariya kashti-kashti, ghoome apne ghat liye

    ek birhan so gai zehar kha, jaafraan ke kheton mein

    kab tak jeeti, jhelum ke wo, soone-soone ghaat liye

    aankhen khuli hui rehati hai, marne per un logon ki

    jo mar jaatein hain aankhon mein, kisi shakhs ki baat liye

    hope you all will like it.

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