Hill Station Nazm

Aug 08 2013

I’m not a big fan of Javed Akhtar’s poetry, but this is one of his best Nazms. Decade long wandering in the Mountains and staying here for last 5 months, I have come to relate quite closely to it as I approach the end of my stay.   घुल रहा है सारा मंज़र शाम धुंधली हो गयी चांदनी...

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Andhiyan Chalne Lagi Hain

Jul 04 2012

Amidst the writing fury that gripped me from February until April, my pen churned out a few Nazms. The reasons behind them can be left for another day. Meanwhile, here is the last Nazm I wrote in my Sunnyvale apartment before I left the Silicon Valley in May 2012. The Nazm started out with the first verse that I wrote after coming home from the Office one afternoon,...

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Ediyan Chil Rahi Hain

Jun 29 2012

My last Ghazal written in the Silicon Valley. Somehow, in recent times – Nazm writing became the facet of my life, yet I managed to churn out a Ghazal once in a while with this being the latest. I wrote this originally for my cousin’s short movie. Thanks for...

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Akhiri Saans Ke Tukde

Apr 30 2012

I wrote this Nazm in the unforgettable month of March this year just before I penned Purani Dilli and Wo Kamra Khaali Hai. It was my swan-song for the time-being. Thanks for reading. I recorded this very late in the night after a couple hours of singing on the Guitar, so the voice is hoarse, and...

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Rahi Nagufta Mere Dil Me

Apr 08 2012

An Acoustic Guitar version of this haunting Ghazal from the Hindi movie, Amal that I recorded few months ago on my Classical Guitar. The Ghazal is written by Meer Taqi ‘Meer’ and composed & performed by Dr. Shiva. Here are the 2 Ash’aar I recorded using Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder. Rahi nagufta mere dil mein dastaan meri Na is dayar...

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Wo Kamra Khaali Hai

Mar 29 2012

This month was an unforgettable month for me and quite ironically so, especially during the last leg of my stay here in the United States. This Nazm came to me late after midnight a couple weeks ago as I was staring at the wall while trying to sleep and staring at the huge pile of books in front of me. Here is the Nazm along with a quick...

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