Tribute to Saviours

Nov 29 2008

Here is my humble tribute to the Brave Men who fought tirelessly for 60 hours against terrorists who brought havoc to Mumbai and its citizens on 26th November 2008 and killed almost 200 people and injured about 300. We all salute the dedication and determination of the brave men who put their lives at stake to rid the city of terrorists and rescue hostages. May Lord...

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Rengstorff Mansion – Eerie Hour

Nov 01 2008

Today after my early morning laundry, I visited the famous/infamous Rengstorff Mansion that stands on Shoreline Blvd. in Mountain View, California. Last weekend, I decided to do some research on any possible strange places locally, and came across the Pioneer Park and the Rengstorff Mansion. I did not find anything documented about the Park other than the fact that...

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Two Meals A Day

Jan 01 2008

I am posting this article so that it reaches most number of people. It simply showcases the plight of few of the millions of other people to whom every day is a struggle for survival. Things many of us take for granted is a luxury to millions of other people. Be it a warm bed for the night or a jacket. One thing I have told so many people lately is Next time you...

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Free Spirits

Dec 16 2007

I read this article on about a year ago and could immediately relate to the Author (Arundhati Bhanot) and her experiences. I’m posting it here for this website’s readers. BY Arundhati Bhanot Once in a while, one comes across a soul who has let go of the world. And when such a deep meditative being speaks its truth, one can but listen in...

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Dec 12 2007

This morning I had the urgency to get my discipline back and my meditation and other practices in order, which I have been ignoring for a long time now. These words of wisdom used to hang in my office when I worked at MVU. For everyone’s good, here is the Ultimate Truth as spoken by the great sage, Swami Rama Tirtha (1873-1906). I think somewhere I have an...

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Bonding with the Best

Apr 16 2007

This morning my father showed an article about me in the state newspaper while turning pages as we both sat sipping morning tea. A correspondent had contacted me a few months ago expressing interest to do a story on me. I didn’t really think he’d come through with it. I guess my India visit has started off to a nice surprise!! Below is the screenshot from...

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