Standing in the Rain

Dec 22 2012

My rendition of an original song written and composed by Steve Hunter from UK. He was kind enough to send me the lyrics and permission to do a cover of this song.

I dedicate this song to the 23 yr old Girl from Dehra Dun who’s fighting to survive in Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi right now..


Somebody said something to me
Believe nothing that you hear and only half you see
Somebody’s telling me some lies
I wish that I had the gift…the gift of hindsight


You leave me standing in the rain
Said you’re coming back but then
There was nothing I could do
But to stand and wait for you
So I’m standing in the rain
Said you’re coming back but then
When I need a helping hand
Your words like letters in the sand

Blowin away…

Suddenly everything has changed
The sun and the moon colliding in my brain
Suddenly nothing here seems real
Taken it all away there’s nothing left to feel

Steve Hunter, 2008

P.S. – Please excuse the abrupt call bell that rang at 4:44 and 5:04 into the song. 

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