Haven’t had a chance to write or record anything in last 3 weeks due to my move from Michigan to California. Google is keeping me busy and other than getting lost on highways once in a while, things are not that bad.

Last night I wrote a Nazm before going to bed around Midnight. Slightly autobiographical, but I tried to keep some sanity afloat..


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  • anupam dhar 11 March, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    Bhai Kya Baat Hai !!!! Dekhaa Hai Oonth Pahad Ke Neeche Pehli Baar!

    As a poet, it is essential to look outwards and within in equal measure.
    Lage Raho Gautam Bhai !!

    “Writing a book of poetry is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo.”
    –Don Marquis–
    Last stanza first line sixth word. Never heard of it. Please enlighten.

  • Gautam 12 March, 2008 at 9:29 am

    Vagarna = Varna

    Varna is a corrupted form of vagarna. If you read urdu poetry, you’d always
    find vagarna, not varna.
    Same as Taaluq as we speak as compared to Tau’aalluk (correct pronunciation)

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