In the Paradise

Here is another song by Nikhil, whose song-writing and composing skills have won this website many fans. This is a very poignant and thought-provoking ballad written and composed by Nik that we recorded couple weeks ago during our jam sessions. This time also we did two versions, one in which he sang and the other one with me singing.

In Nikhil’s version, he fingerpicked his Classical Guitar and I light-strummed my Acoustic.
In my version, there is no strumming. It’s just me singing and Nikhil on Guitar. Enjoy and leave a comment!!

Nikhil’s version: [audio:]

My version:      [audio:]

Here are the MP3s of My version and Nikhil’s version.


I see a dream in my mortal eyes
I find myself in the land of skies
Feels like just home to me
Yet another fantasy
I feel like am flying high
O my lord , am in the paradise

I see you and me in my dying eyes
I hope for a better world when i pass on by
All your love for me
Everything i dreamt to be
Its a place where i feel free
O my lord , am in the paradise.

Written & Composed by: Nikhil G.
Vocals: Nikhil G., Gautam Dhar.

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  • Raj 6 March, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    Very nice composition!
    Well done!


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