Monday Rock & Roll

This weekend after returning from the Gita Retreat, I practiced Heartbreak Hotel on Guitar and out of that I tried creating an improvised tune, which I tried to record this evening. I don’t play rock & roll on guitar too much, but here’s an attempt. Thanks to my cousin’s Washburn Guitar, which I played on. Nikhil then recorded his solo on Electric Guitar on top of my tune. Here is it. (just a raw attempt):


Here is the MP3.

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  • Nik 19 September, 2006 at 5:26 pm

    Good jamming dude 😉

  • […] After collaborating with Nikhil on the Rock & Roll Tune, here is our second song, Hotel California by The Eagles. Nik did the entire musical part by himself, recording the strumming, solo, bass and other parts on his electric Guitar in about 8 parts. I then sang (I’m no Don Henley!) the song with the music. Remember, we are about 400 odd miles apart, so a little miscoordination is inevitable. I think Nik did a commendable job with his virtuoso Guitar skills in arranging the entire track. Kudos to him! […]

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