I Believe in Yesterday

Brandon introduced me to a Karaoke site couple days ago that has tons of great Karaoke tracks. I tried my hand today at “Yesterday” which I like to play quite often on Guitar. The Karaoke track is played exactly how Paul McCartney played it. However, I sang in the style of “Wet Wet Wet”, a…

Karaoke Nights

Here is another Mohd. Rafi’s song from the old Hindi movie, Aadmi. I think to sing this one, one really has to imagine the hapless, Dilip Kumar wandering by the sea-side on crutches. I gave it a shot on some people’s request. Click on the play button to start (double click if you’re using Internet…

Manzilen Apni Jagah Hain

Here is another Song I recorded from the Hindi movie, “Sharaabi”. Singing along with Karaoke Music. Original is by Kishore Kumar. Click on the play button to start (double click if you’re using Internet Explorer). [audio:http://badwalroopal.googlepages.com/GautamDhar-Manzilenapnijagahhain.mp3]


I practiced some Guitar this afternoon with Justin and Brandon (colleagues), as the day was about to die down. Here is a Ben Harper song called Forever, which Justin did at the end of the session. Click on the play button to start. Enjoy! [audio:http://badwalroopal.googlepages.com/JustinMeese-ForeverIII.mp3]

Just Another Song

I wrote Just Another Song back in 2004 on a summer day and it really gave a variation in my writings, which were more or less limited to one style until then. I am floating an audio version of the song, composed and performed by an old colleague, Keith Medlin. Hope you enjoy it. Click…