and so we begin..

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Thanks for stopping by. I am not the kind to bore people with too much text, so I will let you kick back and peruse the website. May be a tune or an article will catch your eye. Last 1 year has been a roller-coaster ride for me and I have travelled, taught, made music, met some brilliant people and captured some breath-taking scenes in my camera as I travelled from deep Himalayas to Western Seas.

Some frozen moments from recent times that I can think of..

  • Farewell Google after 4+ yrs of superb working experience with some of the brightest folks in Silicon Valley, USA.
  • 8 KM trek to Tungnath at 12,000+ feet in Garhwal, Himalayas.
  • Watching Sunrise from the base of Narayan Parbat at 12,000+ feet in Himalayas.
  • Teaching computers and music to rural youth of India in Delhi and making wonderful friends.
  • Making kids smile by singing at a girl shelter Kilkari in Delhi on their annual day.
  • Feeling bliss at Sarnath where Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon.
  • Meeting Naqsh Lyallpuri (famous lyricist of 1950s-70s) on his 85th birthday in Bombay. A memorable evening of Urdu Poetry!
  • Surviving a stampede in Allahabad during Mahakumbh 2013 with more than 40 Million people around me! (2 women died).
  • Working for CHIRAG, an NGO in Central Rural Himalayas on a variety of projects and teaching music to Primary school children. Yes, I was there when Monsoon Tragedy of 2013 happened.
  • Hello Google again, this time in Delhi, India after a hiatus of 2 yrs since I said goodbye to US in 2012 after 13 yrs of staying.

It’s been a good life all in all, for it’s good to have a chance to hang around. Each morning I look at the birds and dew-drops hanging on the wire – and I realize that I still have another song to sing – another tale to tell. May be tomorrow, when winds aren’t cold and sun’s a bit warmer, I’ll tell you another story…

Fly away to the place of bliss...

Gautam Dhar
August 2014, Delhi