You Don’t Love Me Anymore

Oct 03 2015

She walks over to him and she says “do you remember me?” I think we might have met somewhere before… Tried to learn an old favorite of mine and that too on a fasting stomach! Tim McGraw’s “You don’t love me anymore” kept me company on many icy highways of Michigan back in the days. Recorded using Fender CD-60CE and Tascam...

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Storms are Knocking

Sep 20 2015

I sat down to write a short story this afternoon as I’d promised someone, but ended up with some verses instead. I’d written the first two verses in July and the rest of the song just came calling.. July is winding down its show And it hurts me as I watch you go Laden with these tears of sorrow Feeling as if there’s no tomorrow But I too am by your side Even...

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Ek Charraiya – Acoustic Guitar Cover

Sep 14 2015

Had tried to learn this song few wks ago to try and show light to a depressed friend. I didn’t want to share it for poor quality But after finishing “The Last Lecture” book (thanks to S) today, I might as...

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Neel Panchi

May 12 2015

Here is a song I wrote and composed during my work with the NGO, CHIRAG in 2013 in my beloved Himalayas. I wrote this during my teaching work with the Primary school children at the school in Simayal Village, Uttarakhand. Blissful 10 months in the mountains and the villages gave me many songs, and lifelong memories. The recording was made using my phone in the small...

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Chalte Chalte on Guitar

Mar 16 2015

On my brother’s 13th Wedding Anniversary, I didn’t want to send a gift, cake or a card, instead – I decided to quickly learn this soulful love song by the eternal Kishore Kumar and slowed down its tempo to match the mood of the evening. Wishing you an unconventional and blissful journey ahead! Hope you all enjoy the song and pardon the...

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This Old Guitar

Mar 08 2015

My first attempt ever at this all time favorite song of mine. “This old guitar” by John Denver. Like(4)Dislike(0)

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