Voice In The Wilderness

Jun 25 2014

An attempt to record one of my school-time favorite songs “Voice in the Wilderness” by Cliff Richard. Originally released in 1959, my first time playing this on Guitar. Lyrics: My heart was so heavy with longing for you My arms were so lonely, lonesome and blue Alone in my sorrow, I heard a voice cry A voice in the wilderness, a voice from the sky Have...

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Tum Pukar Lo – On Guitar

May 22 2014

Always wanted to record this haunting song, so forced myself last evening to at least sing it once on Guitar. Went off-scale at few places. But who could dare sing Hemant Da’s songs...

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Last Thing On My Mind

Apr 05 2014

One of my favorite folk songs that I used to listen to quite a lot back in early 2000s during college. The song was written by American folk singer-songwriter Tom Paxton in the early 1960s. This is my attempt at Chad Mitchell Trio’s (another folk trio from 60s)...

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Stop by and say Hi

Mar 31 2014

Nikhil wrote a poem back in September last yr which I took and turned into a song and composed it in Sitla Village in Himalayas. Here is the first recording I did yesterday. This is our tribute to the beloved Himalayas that are forever beckoning.. Please follow us on Facebook for...

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Laut Aa Ek Pal

Mar 22 2014

I wrote this song while staying and working in Sitla Village, Uttarakhand last year. A simple melody that flows with the words. Nikhil and I hope to record this soon..This is a test run of the song I did a month ago here in Delhi. Thanks for...

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Baadal Ki Chaanv Me Hai

Mar 13 2014

I wrote this Nazm back in the Fall of 2006 in Lansing and Nikhil and I composed it a few yrs back. This is a preview recording I did last evening. Dedicated to all friends, old and new, lost and rediscovered… ) Like(0)Dislike(0)

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