In Search of Siddhashram

Aug 27 2011

A version of this article is also available at india travelogue‘s Travel Section. It was the month of July and it was the rainy season again. Almost 2 years had passed since I had undertaken the Journey to Mahavatar Baba’s Cave in 2009. The journey of a week involved mystic experiences with people and places alike. After last year’s torrential...

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World Cup Comes Home!

Apr 04 2011

For many of us who were born in the 80s and did not get to experience India’s triumph in the 1983 Cricket World Cup, it was an unbelievable experience watching India defeat Sri Lanka team on 2nd April 2011 at Wankhede Stadium, Bombay (India). For those of us in the Western Hemisphere, especially US – getting up at 2 in the night and watch India defeat...

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Gabbar Singh’s Life

Feb 10 2011

Received this from a friend and I thought I should share it with everyone. I am not sure of the source of this nor did I have any contribution in writing it. Enjoy this hilarious article in Hindi on Gabbar Singh, the immortal villain of Hindi Cinema. गब्बर सिंह का चरित्र...

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The Minimalist

Apr 15 2009

I read this very interesting article today and just felt how much common I have with the Author, Peter Lawrence. It feels like some people really have the determination and conviction to take the road less travelled. I would stop writing and would like you all to read the following article from Mercury News. Live like a monk, retire early, author says By Jessie...

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Swami Vivekananda at World Parliament of Religions 1893

Feb 19 2009

The following audio clips are taken from Swami Vivekananda’s speech that he delivered in Chicago, USA during the World Parliament of Religions on 11th Sept. 1893 and in days that followed. I don’t think anyone knows the true source of this Audio recording, which is now more than 124 years old. It is amazing to listen to hear the great sage’s own...

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Tribute to Saviours

Nov 29 2008

Here is my humble tribute to the Brave Men who fought tirelessly for 60 hours against terrorists who brought havoc to Mumbai and its citizens on 26th November 2008 and killed almost 200 people and injured about 300. We all salute the dedication and determination of the brave men who put their lives at stake to rid the city of terrorists and rescue hostages. May Lord...

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