Year is 2002

Mar 04 2013

Changed strings on my beat up Steel Guitar today and went on a long long Journey while trying to sing this song. My final recording for a while before my next project. An old buddy Justin introduced this song (by Bob Schneider) to me back in 2006, and the song hit me today and I left the recorder on to capture the session. Lyrics: The year is 2002 I’m doing...

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Tribute to a Braveheart

Dec 29 2012

I dedicate this song as a tribute to the 23 yr old girl we all came to know as Amanat, Nirabhya (Nirbhaya), Damini, Indian Braveheart who left this earth today on 29th Dec, 2012 after staging a brave 13 day fight against all odds. Sadly, in the end the beastly Injuries her tormentors unleashed on her – got the best of her. Her physical trauma is over and...

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Standing in the Rain

Dec 22 2012

My rendition of an original song written and composed by Steve Hunter from UK. He was kind enough to send me the lyrics and permission to do a cover of this song. I dedicate this song to the 23 yr old Girl from Dehra Dun who’s fighting to survive in Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi right now.. Lyrics: Somebody said something to me Believe nothing that you hear and...

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Akhiri Saans Ke Tukde

Apr 30 2012

I wrote this Nazm in the unforgettable month of March this year just before I penned Purani Dilli and Wo Kamra Khaali Hai. It was my swan-song for the time-being. Thanks for reading. I recorded this very late in the night after a couple hours of singing on the Guitar, so the voice is hoarse, and...

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Wo Kamra Khaali Hai

Mar 29 2012

This month was an unforgettable month for me and quite ironically so, especially during the last leg of my stay here in the United States. This Nazm came to me late after midnight a couple weeks ago as I was staring at the wall while trying to sleep and staring at the huge pile of books in front of me. Here is the Nazm along with a quick...

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Purani Dilli

Mar 20 2012

Lately, my mind has been buzzing and on last few nights just before drifting off to sleep some verses have been visiting me like old friends. Here is a Nazm I wrote few nights ago. Including a quick recitation for non-hindi readers....

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